Our business is built on innovation, and the fuel for that innovation is market insight. What are consumers interested in? What are they thinking about? What are their concerns and aspirations?

We answer questions like these, and help translate them into food products and solutions that help our customers win.

We’re currently monitoring five macro global trends.

Household budgets under more pressure

51% of European and 49% of Australian consumers are concerned about their personal finances (Global Data).

Consumers are seeking value for money but quality, value added and premium tiers are still very important.

Personalised, holistic health

During the pandemic consumers focused on their personal health and reassessed their priorities, raising the importance of a healthy diet.

42% of Europeans and 45% of Australians are concerned about their personal health as a result of the pandemic (Global Data).

The definition of health has also expanded to include mental wellness leaving consumers looking for a more holistic and personalised approach to achieving their health goals.

When I need it, how I need it and where I want it

65% of European consumers still regularly buy groceries on line as a trend which has carried over from last year which was accelerated by the pandemic.

61% of European consumers are still scratch cooking at home, 10% have started doing this and 20% claim to be doing this more frequently.

Consumers are looking for helpful cheats in meal preparation, inspiration and planning.

Fragile future prioritising sustainability

It is predicted that Eco-Active consumers will become 50% of the global population by 2030 (Kantar).

Consumers are prioritising their sustainability goals but over half of UK consumers still don’t feel empowered that their personal actions can make a difference (Global Data).

Consumers need guidance and support to enable them to make more sustainable choices.

Redefining indulgence and treat in and out of the home

Many consumers will continue to spend more time at home due to changed working practices, economic pressures or hyper-nesting all requiring home entertainment solutions.

35% of Europeans and 38% of Australians are still concerned about eating out due to the virus (Global Data).

Consumers are looking for indulgent treats in the home to replace the out of home experience.