Innovation has been key to our growth and is crucial to our continuing success. We take an insight-led approach and deliver award-winning innovations with our partners.  We work with them collaboratively across food service, branded partnerships and retail across all of the five pillars of our offer in meat, seafood, vegan and vegetarian, easier meals, supply chain services.

Innovation is part of our DNA, in the products we create, the factories we design and how we do things more sustainably. At the centre of our approach to innovation is the consumer and creative thinking.

Our Foods Connected technology helps us to keep on raising the bar with an end to end supply chain understanding across sourcing, production, supply chain – the whole of our operations. This supply chain understanding and our local excellence teams deliver creative solutions to emerging challenges or just the opportunity to do things better than we do currently.

We work to the 'pull model', concentrating on the customer and consumer needs of today and tomorrow, creating solutions that consider the whole supply chain to meet their needs affordably and more sustainably.

Our expert culinary teams around the world lead our product innovation. They create market leading, tasty solutions to current and future consumer needs supported by our consumer insight specialists.

Our new product development approach is vast from creating new techniques improving the taste and texture delivery of meat alternatives through to specialist butchery and culinary inspiration bought to life in our product ranges of meat and seafood for retail customers at home or food service.

We are dedicated to making sure our products succeed, so we provide value-added resources, regulatory assistance, training and research throughout the entire development process. Our expert knowledge and insight led approach takes the guesswork out of developing new products and processes.

We are increasingly using our approach to innovation to help support us meeting our sustainability commitments throughout the supply chain including our product packaging as an example.

We have a hunger to keep raising the bar, our Foods Connected platform is delivering more insights and efficiencies than ever before. And with our partner Agito, we're bringing more automation into our factories worldwide to drive yet more efficiency, accuracy and consistency.

Our operations are lean and productive with a commitment to meeting our sustainability targets. And they keep getting better still.

We are well-known globally for our innovative food ranges, culinary expertise and passion for food. We understand the fundamentals of ingredients and processes, and our development teams include culinary experts, food scientists and process technologists.

Having an insight-led approach means starting with understanding what consumers want and need, being aware of the influence of global trends, and tying together those desires and trends in food innovations that are tailored to local markets or something unique.

We optimise innovation at an agile pace across the markets we operate in through our network of international expertise and colleagues. We collaborate and network our knowledge with each other around the world sharing best practices and learnings. This enables faster adoption of innovative concepts and approaches in local markets with local flavours, having taken learnings from others.

And as you'd expect, we have a history of firsts – bringing everything from plant-based proteins, ready meals, meat and fish concepts to the leading international retailers, branded and food service partners.