Our people are at the heart of everything we do. Our purpose of growth and success through partnership relates as much to our people as it does to our customers.

At Hilton Foods we employ over 6,000 people, dedicated to serving our customers and the millions of their consumers across our 13 markets. Our people are the heart of our success and their health, safety and wellbeing is our first priority. We are an inclusive organisation built of respect, with equal opportunities for skills and career development. We work together to keep our business resilient for the future, bringing the diversity, creativity and innovative skills of our people to the fore.

At the heart of everything we do

If we’re successful, it’s because of our people.


We work closely and inclusively together, and offer equal opportunities for skills and career development. We’re committed to looking after and supporting everyone. And respect, creativity and innovation keep us all moving forward.


Our strategic compass guides and navigates us as a business and helps define what is important to us as a business. 

What holds us together is our overall Hilton Foods values and behaviours. Our people all bring these values and behaviours to the work that we do and they way we do it in creating the successful business we have. Our values are really important. They are what attract people to our business. And they are the reason people stay with us and the reason our people grow, develop and success in their chosen roles within our business. Our core behaviours are what we display every day and in everything we do to ensure the Strategic Compass truly comes to life.



people serving millions of consumers across over 19 markets

The below values and behaviours sum up our people and the people we'd love to join the Hilton Foods family.

We're Open & Honest
We share knowledge and information
We are clear on expectations
We value honesty
We Value Each Other
We recognise efforts of others and say thank you
We listen to and value the voices & ideas of others
We value others for who they are
We're Respectful
We never discriminate against others
We treat others how we wish to be treated
We respect others’ time, workload and commitments
We're Friendly & Inclusive
We are welcoming and patient
We celebrate and embrace our differences
We say ‘hello’ and know the value of a smile
We're Understanding & Supportive
We care and support the wellbeing of others
We support training and career development
We listen and give supportive feedback
We Take Responsibility
We proactively ask for and give help to others
We take personal responsibility for our actions
We trust, support and hold each other to account

Although we have overarching values and behaviours, as an international business we continue to recognise that there are different cultures and ways of working that come from working in a different geography and category.


Working together across functions and geographies is core to our DNA, driving us forward as a business. We believe passionately in the power of the team and diverse viewpoints on a given challenge. We collaborate internally, as well as with our network of external partners, advisors and suppliers to deliver rigorous solutions that work.


Our innovative approach keeps us ahead of our competitors. The desire for better ways of doing things lies behind all that we do, across all functions of the business. Our production, logistics and technology systems are in a state of constant development and improvement. Our appetite for innovation fuels our own and our partners’ growth.


We take it as a given that the world, the market and the needs of customers, consumers and our people are constantly changing. We therefore build facilities, systems and processes with agility top of mind. We react quickly to change to keep us, and our partners, ahead of the pack.


We are never content with the status quo or with how we are doing today. We are always asking; how can we make it better? We set challenging goals for ourselves as individuals and for the services that we offer our customers. And we achieve these goals together.


We do what’s right because it’s right, not because we are obliged to. We believe that all businesses should be a force for good in their communities and beyond. We care about each other, about the planet and about the generations yet to come.