Ready to heat or ready to eat, we’re here to serve you

Convenience is key for millions of consumers every day. Our special ingredients are quality and affordability. We deliver everything from straight-to-oven trays to ready meals, soups, sandwiches and wraps, reflecting both international cuisine and local tastes.


One-stop processing for all proteins

We can handle all consumer and retailer needs across slow-cook and ready-to-cook meat, seafood, vegetarian and vegan foods. With our advanced processing technology, we can create affordable and easy solutions either for restaurants or from restaurants to enjoy at home.

Bespoke, fresh, convenience

Whether it’s food for now or food for tonight, we know how to grow categories in new geographies – starting with dedicated facilities to serve local consumers and partners.

Trend-led innovation

Our product innovations start with understanding what inspires consumers, whether it’s everyday food or special occasions. We then take innovation end-to-end, from process to packaging.

Procurement made easy

Easier meals have complex procurement demands, but we make it straightforward and sustainable. By keeping a close eye on procurement trends, we can cut costs for our customers. And our global scale and supplier management expertise makes procurement both high-quality and cost-effective.