Our Huntingdon site is multi-category food production site, supplying beef, lamb, BBQ, ready-to-cook, slow cooked, vegan and vegetarian meals.

We produce, on average, 2.75 million packs a week, supplying over 500 million meals to the UK consumers every year. Annually, we supply 41% of UK households from our Huntingdon site.

Our clear focus is to work in partnership to deliver exceptional tasting products to consumers at great value.

We have heavily invested in our people, site, production and warehouse facilities to ensure that we can supply quality food at low-production costs to deliver great value to our customers.

Since 1994 we have continually expanded our site and operations to allow our business to grow and we are proud to have a reputation in the industry for exceptional service, a positive collaborative approach to embracing change and being the customer champion.

The key to our growth and success is our people. We are passionate in engaging and listening to our workforce. Wherever possible we will look to grow talent from within our business and develop peoples’ skills, experience and careers.

We continually strive to improve our ways of working and we are focused on eliminating all forms of waste from our business. We fully support Tesco’s Champions 12.3 food waste initiative and are committed to our CSR sustainable and ethical programmes.