On course for the future

Our strategy is, and continues to be, to support our customers’ brands and their development in local markets. We have successfully expanded our product range into new proteins and categories such as seafood, vegetarian, sous vide, food service and fresh convenience foods.

We have four strategic objectives which will achieve long-term sustainable sustainable value for our customers and shareholders:

  1. Growing volumes and extending product ranges supplied and services provided to its existing customers
  2. Optimising use of assets and investing in new technology to deliver competitive advantage to our customers
  3. Maintaining a vigilant focus on food safety and integrity and reducing unit costs, while improving product quality and service provision
  4. Entering new territories and markets either with new customers or in partnership with our existing customers

We have a strong reputation. Well-invested modern facilities. A robust balance sheet. We've generated growth over many years and will continue to pursue both geographical expansion and range extension towards our goal of becoming the protein partner of choice. At the same we will actively develop, enrich, deepen and expand the scope of our existing business partnerships, playing a full and proactive role in supporting our customers and the successful development of their brands.