We have dedicated sites to each protein across meat at Hilton Foods Holland, seafood at Foppen and vegan and vegetarian at Hilton Foods Dalco. In the Netherlands each business is very different to each other. We operate across multiple channels from retail packing Hilton Foods Holland in partnership with Albert Heijn, to our smoked salmon specialist Foppen who markets their expertise internationally and our vegan and vegetarian specialists Dalco who work in partnership with global brands to co-manufacture, food service and retail partners.

Hilton Foods Dalco is where we create our innovative vegan and vegetarian meat alternatives for our private label and our branded partners. We manufacture using a range of meat alternative proteins creating meat alternatives for white meats such as chicken as well as fresh raw blends for red meats such as beef which means we have a complete product portfolio offer for all our partners and their consumers needs.

Hilton Foods Holland is our business that partners with leading retailer Albert Heijn, delivering consistently high-quality products to the right place at the right time. We produce a wide range of products including beef, pork, burgers, sausages, and schnitzels. We deliver for our partner through well invested facilities, creativity and innovation, not only in product development but also in processing, technique, planning, supply chain and procurement. We're committed to continuous improvement every day.

Foppen have nearly 100 years of family experience has gone into creating this cutting-edge salmon smokehouse. Our smoke masters expertly blend beech and oak wood to give our salmon, sourced in the cold waters of Norway and Alaska, its sublime flavour that's both rich and delicate. We opened another site in Greece to meet demand, and in both locations the number one focus is on consistent quality.

Hilton Foods Dalco
Sweelinkstraat 8, 5344 AE, Oss, Netherlands
0031 412 675050
Hilton Foods Holland
Grote Tocht 31, 1507 CG Zaandam, Netherlands
0031 756 594702
Daltonstraat 24-26, 3846 BX Hardewijk, Netherlands
0031 341 412696