Perfecting the supply chain end-to-end

Through our supply chain consultancy services, we share everything we’ve learned across manufacturing and supply chain, sourcing and procurement. And our automation technology platforms bring it to life.


End-to-end digitalisation

Our Foods Connected platform is a cloud-based solution that gives a 360° view over supply chains, including procurement, food safety, quality, NPD and CSR. Real-time data enables agile decision-making to minimise risks and maximise profitability. Over 150 manufacturers and several leading retailers already rely on it.


Factory automation

We partner with Agito Group to provide automation solutions that drive quality and efficiency. With our technology and expert consultancy, we can help manufacturing sites deliver the best quality consistently with sustainable lower costs.

Advanced logistics

We’ve also pioneered automation in logistics, driving new efficiencies in goods receiving, inspection, storage and picking. We also offer leading robotics technology for picking, weighing and labelling down to customer, store, or item-specific level.


Sharing our expertise

We love sharing. So we’re always happy to bring our partners the benefit of our experience through our supply chain consultancy services. We cover manufacturing and supply chain process design and optimisation, as well as building design, construction management, sourcing and procurement.