Here at Hilton, we recognise the social, ethical and environmental responsibilities associated with being the first-choice partner for our retail customers.

Download and read our policies and reports below:

The report provides an in-depth look – beyond existing reporting in the Company’s Annual Report - at the company's progress in its Sustainable Protein Plan, against its 2025 targets and shines a light on its projects and partnerships. As part of the report, the Group announced it has achieved a 14% reduction in Scope 3 GHG emissions.

Sustainability Report 2023

GRI Report 2023

SASB Report 2023

We continue to support our people to be the best they can be. Our continuing growth is linked with the development of our people, with equal opportunities for all.

Hilton Foods UK Gender Pay Report 2023

Fairfax Meadow Gender Pay Report 2023

Seachill Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

Hilton Food Group and its subsidiary companies respect personal privacy and will process any personal information only for the purpose it is intended. We will never sell your personal information to third parties and we work hard to ensure compliance with all privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulations.

Hilton Foods Privacy Statement 2023

Hilton is committed to ensuring that the way we conduct our business and deal with our suppliers reflects our commitment to working in an honest, open and ethical manner. We aim to ensure that the way we run our business prevents and deters any form of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring anywhere in our business and supply chain.

Modern Slavery Act Statement 2023

Hilton Foods has increased its CDP climate change score to A- and increased its forests scores to B for cattle products, B- for timber and maintained B- for Soy. CDP's data both fuels and tracks global progress towards building a truly sustainable economy for people and planet.

CDP Climate Submission 2023

CDP Forests Submission 2023

We are striving to reduce the footprint on the environment from both our operations and our supply chains.

Supply Chain Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Energy Policy

Water Policy

Deforestation Statement

We take a non-negotiable ethics stance and apply internationally recognised ethical conventions to uphold Human Rights within our business and supply chains.

Human Rights Policy

Supply Chain Social Responsibility Policy

At Hilton Foods, animal welfare is central to our values and integral to our business, to enable us to meet our customers’ expectations for high quality, sustainably reared livestock and farmed fish.

We are a customer-led business, working with, and delivering to, high standards set by our retailer partners who are themselves recognised as leading in animal welfare.

Animal Welfare Statement 2023

Hilton Foods Policy 2023

The Hilton Foods Board of Directors is dedicated to putting Health, Safety and Well-being at the heart of what we do through good leadership, safe behaviour and the continuous improvement of our Safety Management System. The Board has clear oversight of this policy with the Group CEO holding responsibility at Board level. Individually and collectively, we all play an important role in meeting our commitments to Health, Safety and Well-being.  Our vision is that every day our people go back to their families safe and well and we achieve this by asking everyone to Think safe, Act Safe, Stay Safe.

Health and Safety Policy 2023

Through our Hilton Foods Sustainable Protein Plan, under our planet pillar, we are committed to achieving our existing Science Based Targets and publish updated ambitions.  These existing targets include achieving Net Zero by 2050, across copes 1,2 and 3.  We have increased our ambition in line with a commitment to keeping global temperature increases below 1.5 degrees.

Updated ambition for SBT's