Sustainability. Selection. Seafood.

More than ever before, seafood is both a staple source of protein and the focal point of exceptional dishes. We excel in striking this balance. Here’s why.


Innovations from insight

Consumer perception of seafood is constantly shifting. It’s healthy. It’s delicious. Freshness is paramount, and so is sustainability in terms of how it’s grown, reared and caught. We help our customers meet all these expectations with a product range that delivers convenience, variety and excitement.

Sustainable sourcing

Where seafood’s concerned, step one is sustainability. A big part of that is using every part possible, which minimises waste and saves costs. Our expertise and technology manages the risk and gives all the reassurances customers expect.

Expert processing and production

We’ve been buying and supplying seafood for a long time, which means we’ve built both expertise and relationships. Our expertise is enabled by best-in-class automation, robotics and packaging techniques, and our relationships extend globally from retailers to foodservice operators. All to deliver a top-quality product that delivers what consumers crave and businesses want.

A great selection of seafood products

Our product range is global in focus and local in flavour and includes smoked salmon, wet fish, shell fish, coated fish and fish cakes. We can supply at a fixed weight or at catch weight, whatever our customers need. And our multi-channel approach opens up packaging options such as counter or food service bulk, skin pack, MAP and foil.