Pioneers of plant-based products

Vegan and vegetarian food has gone fully mainstream, and whatever consumers' protein preferences, plant-based and vegetarian foods are an essential part of any offer. We deliver fresh and frozen products to our customers in retail, food service and branded with both private label and co-manufactured products for leading global brands.


A proven track record

We've been delivering innovative meat-free foods for over 40 years, which has helped to transform and grow the cross-channel vegan and vegetarian categories. Our Centre of Excellence delivers fresh production in local markets.

Dedicated facilities

Consumers don't want any contamination with animal proteins, so we have dedicated non-meat facilities that meet the very highest national and international food safety standards. With an emphasis on efficiency and automation, our high-quality products are affordable for our customers and their consumers.

From meal ingredients to centrepieces

Meat-free for many is a way of life, so we offer total convenience and choice – including meat-free replacement burgers, meatballs, cutlets, poultry, kievs, steaks, rashers, seafood and sticks, fresh or frozen. And we can tailor our meat-free products to local markets, consumer segments and price-points.

Insight-driven NPD

We're always developing new offerings with our partners. We let market insights guide our NPD, and we rigorously test every successful proposition before exporting it to a new market to make sure it delivers what consumers want.