Pride of place on the plate

Even as times and tastes change, high quality meat is the still the focal point of special meals for millions of people. So we give meat the care and attention to quality that it deserves. And that consumers deserve.

Meat is where it all began for us. And today, we're helping our customers meet the latest trends and expectations, bringing them the benefit of our long experience. Here's why we're the leading meat protein partner.


Riding trends

We keep our fingers on the pulse of food trends, and turn that insight into innovative solutions in process, product, packaging and supply chain to unlock opportunities for our customers. We’re experts at translating successful innovations across geographies, driving demand and satisfying it.

We’re processing experts

We’ve been working with market-leading retailers and food-service operators for decades. By investing in our operations, we stay at the cutting edge on a global scale, and our customers trust our commitment to quality as much as our ability to deliver savings and value.

Agility in our models

We can flex and adapt to suit our customers – whether it’s a total partnership cost plus model, a joint venture or strategic service model. Our operations are agile, so we can respond to external factors like seasonality or sudden market changes and still unlock growth.

Planning and supply chain services

By partnering with customers and deploying our supply chain technology, we help optimise the chain end-to-end. For many customers, we plan and manage their entire supply chains. For others we find new efficiencies, for example through automation. Either way, decisions get better, risks are reduced and opportunities seized.